Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two Men...Two, uh, Playlists?

I don't read Blender or Rolling Stone that often, usually only when I see one sitting in a doctor's office and I have to choose between it and Parenting magazine, but Blender has a list on its website of the two presidential candidates' favorite songs.

Keep in mind these are favorites, not just playlists or songs to work-out to (assuming McCain works out...) and yes, they say a lot about these two guys.

First and foremost, could McCain possibly be showing his age any more than he does with his tenth choice? "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by The Platters, seriously? Discounting that the song has been around since 1933, even the most recent (and most popular) version came out in 1958! McCain's opponent wasn't even alive in 1958. The problem isn't this song, but rather McCain's choices are solid oldies. Let's say for the sake of fairness that McCain's Sinatra pick cancels out Obama's Sinatra pick. That still leaves "Good Vibrations" (1966), "Blue Bayou" (Orbison's version released in 1963), "As Time Goes By" (1931), "Sweet Caroline" (1969), and "What a Wonderful World" (1967), ALL songs released prior to 1970! McCain's remaining three? 1970's release dates. Has John McCain not listened to anything since the seventies?

My next question and perhaps the most obvious after looking at McCain's list: Are there really straight men who listen to "Dancing Queen" by ABBA? I guess so. The Republican nominee for the presidency is one of maybe two and the second dude isn't admitting to it.

The choices on Obama's list aren't stellar, but at least a few of them were released in the past twenty years. He has old standbys, though songs familiar to many audiences of differing ages, like "What's Going On?" by the late, great Marvin Gaye (1971), "Think" by Aretha Franklin (1968), and "Gimme Shelter" by the Stones (1969). However, nothing appears on his list from the 1930's and once you cancel out Frank Sinatra, the oldest of his choices is an old spiritual from Nina Simone (her version was released in 1965).

The rest of Obama's choices are fairly newer--a Fugees' 1996 release, the Boss from 1985, and, wait...stop the presses...Obama has songs from the 21st century on his list?! Whoa! A 2006 Kanye West release and a 2004 U2 release? Shocker, a man who listens to music that isn't older than his children!

Just because Obama listens to music that was made in this decade doesn't mean one of his newer choices is something he should cite as one of his ten favorite songs EVER. "Yes We Can" by And they wonder why people think he has an ego problem... A song literally made from your very own words with a guy singing your praises and a music video full of your biggest fans. Great song, yeah, okay, but you probably wouldn't want to broadcast to the world that of all the fabulous music written in your lifetime your favorite is a song about you.

h/t: Adam Graham


Jared said...

This is too funny! I'll be honest I was certain that McCain would choose the Ballad of the Green Beret or something to that effect: But then to see Dancing Queen! That is too much. And Take a Chance on Me is the WORST ABBA song in history.

Both have decent tast in music I guess. I tend toward McCain's choice, but then again I probably should have been born in the 30s too.

The Wayward Episcopalian said...

To be fair, for all its age, Sweet Caroline is a perennial ballpark hit, especially in Boston. That's still hip.