Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surgical Hiatus

This blog will be on hiatus for a bit while I recover from back surgery. I have scheduled a TGIF Tunes post to be published in my absence on Friday, but I doubt I will be returning to real-time blogging until next week at the earliest.

Let this keep you entertained while I'm under the knife:
  • "Face it: Your minions will threaten and harass people whose personal information you release": From f-words comes this story of a radio shock jock in Alaska and what came of his rants. Funny, this thing is happening four days a week in the Magic Valley and goes mostly unnoticed.
  • "Yost relieved of managerial post": Yes, the slumping Milwaukee Brewers who are still in contention for the National League Wild Card let Ned Yost go. I don't understand why this is Ned Yost's fault. But then again, I didn't understand what Willie Randolph had to do with the mess that was the New York Mets' clubhouse either...
  • "Rangel to Hire Forensic Accountant to Investigate His Finances": After all the talk about Rangel's real estate holdings in Harlem, doesn't it seem odd that he has to hire his own forensic accountant when his opponents are the ones that wanted the investigation?
  • "West Wing writer tackles Facebook": Aaron Sorkin is back!! This time he will be making a film about the creators of Facebook. I don't use Facebook, wouldn't know how if it was put in front of me, but I do love all things Sorkin and am happy for this new project.
  • Constitution Day Activities: Don't forget that Wednesday September 17th is Constitution Day! Yes, that's right, my favorite day of the year and I won't be around to post about it. Visit the National Constitution Center website to find listings of activities near you or to learn more about our governing document.

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Sara E Anderson said...

Gotta wish you good luck on this one! Hope they give you some fun drugs for recoivery, and that you don't need them too badly.