Monday, September 8, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday Addendum

A couple of things I failed to mention in my Saturday post:
  • Long-time CBS reporter Ike Pappas died last week. Pappas had, as they say, an historic "view to the kill." He was in the basement of the Dallas Police HQ when Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby while being transported following his assassination of President Kennedy. Pappas was the voice in the live radio broadcast.
  • Though this technically doesn't qualify because it was posted Sunday, I make the rules, and I say: Go read this piece at dailyKos from mcjoan! Few writers have a perspective on the West and politics out here like this.
  • Occasionally I find Dooce so poignant I have to share her writing with friends. Her post on the state of the politics in the United States right now is both fitting and true. Go read it.

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