Saturday, September 6, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

With all the airtime that went to the Beijing games, it is amazing to me that very little is said about the paralympic games that are taking place until the 17th of September. As I was reading about the games, I noticed that one of the performances at the opening games was by a blind Chinese pianist. If you haven't heard of Yuanhui Jin (as I hadn't), you should check him out. Unbelievable talent.

Last night I watched a fabulous telethon on CBS organized by Katie Couric for the Stand Up 2 Cancer organization. You may have noticed I have had a link to this group on the side bar (under 'Issues I Support') for awhile now. I don't usually watch telethons, but this one contained some very touching stories from cancer survivors and families of those impacted most by cancer. Celebrities united to support this telethon. Having lost two friends this summer to cancer and having watched two others fight the battle of their lives, one has had her jaw removed and undergone chemo and radiation therapy, I feel obliged to support SU2C however I can. If you missed the telethon, please watch this short film by Errol Morris about the survivors of cancer. And, to my surprise, Sheryl Crow and James Taylor (two of my favorite songwriters) teamed up to perform Taylor's "Fire and Rain," here's the video of that performance.

I will be the first to admit that I like boy bands. I've always liked boy bands. But the return of the trail blazing New Kids on the Block is frightening. I watched them perform on one of the morning shows recently and I wanted to puke. They're no longer the teenagers they were when they came onto the music scene in the late 80's. They're all now close to forty, they don't play any instruments, their audiences don't remember the words to their songs, and they seriously are attempting to dance the same as they did twenty years ago. Like I said, frightening. Most boy bands, if they attempt to return (like the Backstreet Boys) make adjustments to make themselves more appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Nope, not the New Kids. They don't appear to have changed anything--including Jordan Knight's hair! Yes, I'm saying this. I love Hanson, liked O-Town prior to Lou Pearlman going to jail, and I did like the idea of the Jonas Brothers before they went all Disney. But New Kids back? No. Please don't.

With no avail I've been searching for any solid proof I can find about Sarah Palin, as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, wanting to ban books. The ISU library has a substantial collection of rare books that were once banned and the FOOLs (Friends of the Oboler Library) group tends to pay special attention to censorship. If I do come across proof, I'll be posting that. Until then, I'm doing my research.

Don't forget September's new music Tuesday releases: Darius Rucker, Josh Rouse, The Verve , Buckcherry, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, and Ben Folds in stores near you!

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