Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time for a Mental Health Czar?

The editorial board of the Times-News has issued their position on mental health care in Idaho. Making note that many mentally ill offenders (many of whom are incarcerated for drug offenses) will continue to offend without treatment, the editorial board has this advice for Governor Otter:
Shortly after he took office, Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter appointed an energy czar, Paul Kjellander, to coordinate the state's approach to all energy issues. It's time the governor named a mental health czar as well.
There seems to be a consensus among members of the Idaho legislature that not enough is being done to overhaul the mental health system in this state. However, as the editorial board points out, this hasn't resulted in more funding from the legislature.

Idaho is ranked 47th in mental health spending. The legislature apparently has no problem with that status.

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angryyoungwoman said...

Here in the IF area, I know a number of people who have mental health issues and are in and out of jail all the time. It seems a major problem for at least one person I know was that when she went to jail they wouldn't give her her meds so she would fall very hard and lose much of the progress she had made. Counselors and psr workers can be very good, but the point of the system as it currently stand seems to be more about getting people to fill out workbooks and give the right answers than to actually be rehabillitated.