Friday, September 5, 2008

What We Didn't Hear

Does anybody else find it ironic that Joe Biden is the angriest of the four top-of-the-ticket candidates on the heels of the RNC?

We have a man who has to be aware of the "angry black man" complex. We have his wife who has been called by some unpatriotic (insert the title of Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman here). His opponent has been known to lose his temper on occasion, often referred to as a hot head. His running mate, a self-proclaimed hockey mom, has no qualms when it comes to being feisty, going so far as to say that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull is lipstick. And yet, it is Joe Biden, the man more likely to put his foot in his mouth for being crass, than angry, that is on the campaign trail lighting fires under American voters.

Whichever campaign strategist came up with the "fired up, ready to go" mantra for the Obama campaign must have had a crystal ball that showed exactly this:

It is refreshing to see somebody fired up and truly angry about this ridiculous election. Somewhere between here and New Hampshire we lost substance in the debate. We're reduced to talking about Sarah Palin's hair, the horrific details of John McCain's captivity (as if this makes him any more or less qualified to lead this nation), and the cost of Cindy McCain and Laura Bush's clothes.

Enough already. And don't tell me the Republicans are at fault--the Democrats have had a damn heyday with Sarah Palin this week. Equal responsibility for absolutely irresponsible and ridiculous behavior. Go get 'em, Joe!

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Mr. X said...

This is likely the backbone of a winning strategy for the next two months. McCain traded in his "experience" card, while signalling he doesn't want to fight on even a few issues. The latter is where the "change" motif usually resides. Will probably be viewed as a mistake after the election...

Agree that the strategy should be to go over Palin's head and contrast the top of the ticket's emptiness with the Obama / Biden platform. Being drawn into a battle of images, especially with Palin, is one of the few favourable battlegrounds for the GOP. She will shrink in the former type of campaign, particularly since they're having her avoid one-on-one interviews(!).