Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interrupting the Program

Wednesday Update: Just in case anybody was wondering I survived yesterday, all of these rants included, and after baking enough peanut butter cookies to feed the entire United States military, all is well again. That and my good buddy in Moscow sent me a link to what could possibly be the best website EVER!!

I feel like I should say "we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming..." before this post. Somewhat odd that I wouldn't be posting about racism, hatred, tolerance, or even the myriad of things that happened on this day in history (MLK wins Nobel Prize, Cuban Missile Crisis began, Mr. Khrushchev got the boot, etc.). Just can't.

I spent the weekend attempting to read the comments following the Washington Post story about Rep. John Lewis coming to the defense of Sen. Obama. The comments made me sick. One in particular that called John Lewis the racist in this story. John Lewis for crying out loud. Haven't really let that one go. I also spent the weekend pissed off about snow. Yes, snow. Not that I can't be mad at snow, but I've never been so afraid of snow before. What if I slip? What if whatever they just did to surgically solve my back problems is undone by one fall on the ice? Anxiety about snow is worse than the actual snow. Makes me a little undone. Luckily it is nearly melted away.

And then today, at work, a woman comes in and is looking for information on a woman that was a prominent member of the community. Problem was she didn't know when the woman died so we didn't even have a death date to go with for an obituary search. I started doing some looking after the patron left and what shows up? The obituary, 90th birthday announcement, etc. I go hunting all over four floors of this building and the woman is long gone. I've been there--that place where the research material you need is right there, literally, and you can't seem to get it in your hands to finish your project. Maybe that is why I chased this lady all over the library for nothing. Hopefully she comes back.

I don't know why I cared so much about this lady's research. I'm having research dilemmas of my own. Except mine are the kind where I have all the damn research, tons of it, and no freakin' clue what to do with it. How to frame the question, how to put my research to good use. Just can't seem to.

I make lists. It is what I do. Today's list? Well there's a chart with an accompanying list. All the things that are left to complete in the Stallings Collection. All the things that are currently keeping me from getting the hell out of Pocatello and on with my life. Funny I think of it that way, because I used to think of it more in the sense of this Sister Hazel song.

We can now return to our regular programing...

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