Monday, October 27, 2008

Miles of Music No Longer

Miles of Music, my favorite music site for information as well as purchases, has shut down business. This news came on the 10th of October with the following message from Jeff Weiss:
We aren’t throwing in the towel so much as calling a time-out. For now, though, we are closed for business.

We’ve come to a pause in an era. The economy, the credit crunch, the changing way people consume music have all lead us to today.

All existing orders have been cancelled. Orders paid by Paypal are being refunded.

Now is it time to clean up, clean out, and consider the future.

There are many terrific places to purchase music on-line. Please continue supporting independent artists.

It is always sad to see an organization that supports independent artists and the minor labels have to pack it in because there just isn't enough enough money flowing into the industry and these artists. Jeff Weiss mentions the economy and I wonder what the numbers reflect--are people ceasing to purchase music with the economy tanking? Does this closing reflect the iTunes surge? Or are people simply downloading music illegally?

I know that recently the Recording Industry Association of America (
RIAA) has issued several formal complaints to Idaho State University officials about illegal downloading and usage by specific students and accounts on campus. And the Associated Students of Idaho State University (ASISU), the student governing body, has taken necessary steps to warn students as well as educate them on laws and student conduct policies that restrict this type of activity. I've started to see a few posters pop up on campus from this effort.

In the absence of Miles of Music, here's three releases coming to stores near you tomorrow:
Not much by way of independent artists or labels, but without Miles of Music, I'm having a hard time tracking down that information.

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