Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pleading Guilty

(Originally posted Friday, October 31, 2008.)

Former Republican candidate for Idaho Governor pleads guilty to willful failure to pay the tune of $7 million. Why does this not surprise me?

Sunday Update: I wonder if a guy can run for President of Bangladesh from behind bars... I don't see why not, a guy can run for Congress from the big house!

And it occurred to me after the news broke that Dannis ran against George Hansen in the Republican primary of 1984 on the issue of bringing ethics and honesty back to government. What is it about Idaho 2nd congressional district Republicans and this issue of small government (i.e. We must hate the IRS for good government to ever exist)?

Oh, go check out that whiz at photoshop, Serephin's post on the long lost tacos of 2006...

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