Saturday, October 4, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

After the showdown between Grant Balfour and Orlando Cabrera in Florida Thursday and then Kazmir hitting Cabrera in his first at bat Friday, I've been thinking about potential punches. Who are the most likely hot-headed players that could potentially throw a few punches this post-season? If the Red Sox continue to dominate the Angels and the Rays do the same to the White Sox, the ALCS could see a rematch of the Coco Crisp debacle from earlier this season. Remember when Manny and Youk got into that fight in the Boston dugout? If the Red Sox dominated the Angels, beat the Rays, and made it to the World Series against a Dodgers team that over-powered the Cubs and beat the Phillies, we could see a meeting of Manny and Youk again. This time Manny is much more hated by the Boston Red Sox first baseman. This time Terry Francona might not intervene. Other notable hot heads: Jason Kendall (Brewers), Navarro (Rays), Zambrano (Cubs), Fielder (Brewers), Derrek Lee (Cubs), and we can't forget the managers Lou Pinella (Cubs), Mike Scioscia (Angels), and Ozzie Guillen (White Sox).

Right now as the Phillies take on the Brew Crew at Miller Park, all of the postseason series are sitting 2-0. I'm disappointed in the Angels, irritated with the Cubs (though not surprised), understanding of both the White Sox and Brewers who had to work extra hard to get into the playoffs and could very well be exhausted. That's where things stand.

Sara at f-words has a post up that says what I've been waiting to hear. Taking on John McCain's "plan" for rural health care, she wants to know how exercise will solve all health problems. I signed on to the website for my health insurance carrier recently to see what percentage of my recent surgery and prior as well as current sessions of physical therapy will cost me and to my frustration there was a note under coverage informing me that patients who participate in a continuous exercise plan are less likely to eventually require surgeries, therapies, etc. So, my question for my health insurance company? How am I supposed to walk, run, bike, swim, whatever, if I can't walk? That was me prior to surgery--I couldn't stand up for more than ten minutes without losing feeling in my legs and I couldn't sit for more than a half hour without experiencing steady pain. Walking, running, biking, all out of the question. And now? Now it takes everything I've got to roll out of my bed, lift myself up while stabilizing my spine, and then standing up. Walking I can do. Sitting, not so much. And physical therapy has wiped me out this week. Exercise alone is the answer? Right.

The Idaho News Corral ("Where influential Idahoans go to be in the know") is online and running. The site seems to have a little too much marketing and advertisement, but overall the service being offered is fairly decent. It is a little bit like the Idaho Reader service offered by the Statesman, but broader and published several times daily. Want it sent to you? Idaho News Corral does that too. You can sign up for a daily brief delivered to your inbox. You can also submit press releases to them easily online.

Mitch Pileggi is popping up everywhere. Who? The Skin Man, aka Walter Skinner, aka Assistant Director of the FBI on the X-Files. I saw him Sunday on Brothers & Sisters as Kevin's boss. I've seen him repeatedly in the commercials for the new Greg Kinnear flick about, of all things, wiper blades. He played Bill Daley in the HBO made for tv film about the 2000 Florida voting mess. Made a cameo as Walter Skinner in the new X-Files movie. And, he has evidently been on Stargate: Atlantis for the past three years. As Pileggi said to the SyFy Portal recently about being typecast or only recognized as Skinner, "it can be a bit of an irritation sometimes." Next up for Pileggi: A guest role on Criminal Minds.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has a new film online that outlines the past, present and future of the Fairness Doctrine. This news from the latest installment of the blogger updates I receive via email from CEI, updates I am continuously impressed with. Have a few minutes? Go watch it.

That's it for this rainy Saturday.


SyFyMichael said...

It's so cool to have my interview with Mitch Pileggi mentioned in the same posting as the Rays beating the White Sox (a game I was at!)

Woohoo! :)

Sorry ... I love coincidence like that. :)

Tara A. Rowe said...

You were at the game?! I am sooo jealous!

Great article, too! ;)