Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

The New York Times Learning Network is a wonderful source of materials for any number of scenarios. Need to know what happened on this day in history? They have it. Making lesson plans? The Newspaper In Education (NEI) resources are perfect. In fact, my first encounter with the learning network was for a course I took some years ago that had a large number of students in it working toward secondary teaching degrees. A friend of mine (and fellow Braves fan) used a lesson plan incorporating baseball and history. My introduction to the site was made in a history course, but that doesn't mean the site is limited to historical topics. The other night I went to the site to see if I could find some information on how to explain science fiction as a literary genre and stumbled across crossword puzzles. Of course, it is the New York Times! Now I'm hooked...

I don't know what it is about radio personalities these days, but I found a couple more highly despicable comments that went out on the air this week. This time ESPN has the story as it relates to one of the greatest basketball players I've ever seen--Magic Johnson. What did they say? Read it for yourself--they said they thought Magic faked having AIDS.

On a radio-related note, a new site has written up a great commentary on what bringing Rush Limbaugh to KBOI means to Idaho. This is a great new site out of Idaho that I've added to my sidebar that I think everyone should take a look at. Like my chess theme, this guy has a poker theme and it is all relevant to the political happenings of the day. Crazy Game of Poker, go check it out!

Because the bailout is the biggest news in Washington, D.C. these days, aside from the presidential election, a small story in the Washington Post was mostly ignored. A new statue in the town of many statues. Except this one is a long time coming and is indeed a "tall tribute."

A friend of mine in New Mexico informed me that the Spill Canvas is coming to Pocatello! Their site says they'll be performing at The Icon. I didn't even know about the Icon, had to look it up. Evidently it is a small venue on Main Street. Maybe I should start paying attention and go check it out...

In other music news and also from the realm of things I haven't been paying attention to, there is a group called Ha*Ash, listed as Mexican/American pop on Wikipedia, that has a new single out with Brandi Carlile. "Already Home" either doesn't have an official video yet or I just haven't found it. This is what shows up on youtube and if you'd like the lyrics you can find them via my favorite lyrics search engine Metro Lyrics.

With a win from the Red Sox in the series opener in Tampa Bay, the American League Championship Series between the Sox and Rays is sitting at 1-0. The fighting Phillies are 2-0 in the National League Championship Series. Expected? I'm not sure I saw the Phillies taking the first two. Maybe a split. Then again, I didn't see the support the Phillies would show manager Charlie Manuel following news that his mother had passed away after a heart attack two days earlier. The Manny-driven Dodgers will heat up as they always do. And when they do, you better believe I'll we watching Rafael Furcal. The man had back surgery (quite similar to my own) in July and he's now playing in the NLCS. Insane! Whatever the standings, it is what it is and it's October. Bring on the baseball!


Nick S. said...

I disagree with your friend, Tara. I've always found Sean Hannity more distasteful than Limbaugh, even when I was very conservative (he seemed to think it was the other way)... and if you don't have Mark Levin in your area you don't even know hateful talk radio.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard Levin, but by your description Nick, I'm glad I haven't. I'll be comfortable taking your word on where he ranks amongst hateful talk radio hosts.