Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

Yes, a few hours late...

It seems like Saturdays are rolling by quicker than I would like. Far too little is being accomplished around here between those Saturdays. However, Friday night I was out past sundown. First time in over a month. Progress.

Both the Idaho Press-Tribune and the Idaho State Journal are reporting that ISU's retention numbers have been released and one in two college freshman attending Idaho State University return following their first year. I'm not surprised. A few of the reasons I am not surprised is the large number of students attending ISU that are either leaving or returning on LDS missions. A large number of new students at ISU also relocate following their first year--my best estimation is they are leaving for BYU-Idaho and Utah State University. Then there is of course the category of students that either give up on school, decide it isn't for them, or get married and move away or stop seeing a reason to work toward a degree. The reports are citing larger numbers of part-time students as the cause for lower retention rates. I don't know many college freshmen who aren't carrying twelve credits, the required number for full-time enrollment. Strange reasoning if you ask me.

Am I the only one that finds the Al Smith Dinner increasingly irritating? I used to think of the Al Smith Dinner as a last stab at non-partisanship. Doesn't seem that way anymore. Especially with McCain and Obama who seem to enjoy every chance they can get to attack one another. Can this election be over already?

Tried to write something up about the fall baseball classic Thursday night and then the damn Red Sox came from behind, way behind, and beat the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway. They played in Tampa this evening. The plate umpire got hit in the clavicle and had to leave the game. You don't see that very often. Screwed up the strike zone for the rest of the night. If the Rays won, they were headed to the World Series against the fightin' Phils. If Boston won, it would go to game seven. Sadly, Boston won (tied up the ALCS) and we're going to a game seven instead of straight to the World Series. They'll play game seven tomorrow night (8 pm EST) again on TBS. I would really like to see the Red Sox choke one last time. If game seven is anything like game five, don't miss a minute! You never know what may transpire.

I have considered purchasing a Phillies cap, haven't yet, but hey, there is plenty of time. The '34 Cooperstown hat caught my eye.

A big thank you to the Washington Post for printing this story about Alaska beluga whales being protected as an endangered species. Ever since I read the headline I've had the baby beluga song from my elementary school days stuck in my head! Why we were singing about beluga whales in landlocked Idaho is beyond me. I almost thought it was gone from my head when my kid brother, here for awhile, proved to me that he knows every last word to "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry. Not even that could erase baby belugas from my brain. I don't know which song would be worse to have stuck in my head...

Despite his inability to help me get this damn song out of my head, the kid brother did introduce me to a new band. New band to me, not a new band to the rest of the world. Avenged Sevenfold, never had heard of them, is a group out of Huntington Beach, California. They're harder than most music I listen to, but they have a great single with a heartbreaking video that I don't mind.

Did anybody catch Oliver Stone's "W." this weekend? I would love to see it, but I'm not up to sitting through a movie in the theater yet. I love Oliver Stone and if Jeb Bush calls it "hooey," it must be worth watching.

Like I said, a few hours late, but a smorgasbord is a smorgasbord before or after midnight.

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