Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Week Out

  • Please note that the 'Essential Campaign Sites' sidebar addition has moved to top-right until election day (November 4th). Take advantage now, it'll be gone November 5th!
  • For the best Bill Sali coverage around, visit the MountainGoat Report: Sali Vote: The Extended Edition, A Week to Go in the 1st CD, VD Minus 6: Today in the 1st CD, and Bill Sali and the Immigration Endorsement.
  • Interesting race for the Minidoka County Prosecutor taking place. Note the incumbent, Nicole Cannon, who evidently leaves "politics out of the prosecutor's office" is the same Nikki Cannon who pressed charges against Dan Luker for desecrating an American flag, promising she'd take the case clear to the U.S. Supreme Court to make her point if need be. The case was dismissed.
  • Congratulations to the unequivocal notion for making Wonkette again! Great post on Lori Otter's contribution to Byron Yankey. That's Republican Lori Otter, wife of Republican governor of Idaho Butch Otter, and Democrat Byron Yankey, running against Rep. Kren appointed by Governor Otter.
  • There are campaign ads during EVERY commercial break here. Risch, LaRocco, Bilyeu, Andersen, and Ruchti, oh and T. Boone Pickens are gracing my television far more frequently than I would like. One in particular from the LaRocco camp is driving me insane. You've seen it, I'm sure. I call it the bobblehead circus. If you haven't seen it, take a look. Ugh.
  • On the topic of campaign commercials, Jim Risch has an ad attacking Larry LaRocco that I find comical. Pointing out LaRocco's background in Congress, his stab at LaRocco says that Larry voted with the "Clintons" on taxes. Sure he did, he was Democrat in the House when Bill Clinton was in the White House. What I find comical? After the last eight years of Bush, President Clinton is looking much better to Republicans and Democrats alike. Risch had to bring Hillary into the mix because she is far less liked by the GOP than Bill. Go figure.
  • There is a guy running for the Idaho House that has signs all over town. They say "Freedom & Prosperity" and his name, Chris Stevens. I must have looked at one of those signs for several minutes wondering what he was getting at with the tagline. So, I sign on to his website and there in bold print it says "Revive Freedom and Prosperity." Not sure what freedoms we are reviving, except for maybe the constitutional ones this President has trampled. Revive is a very important word to add...wonder how much that third word would have cost to be printed on the sign. And if it weren't crystal clear after the bold heading on the site, just below I learn that Chris Stevens has been endorsed by Ron Paul. Oh, how it makes sense now!

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