Monday, November 17, 2008

Yank & Crank

This isn't the post I was hoping for today, but it'll have to do until at least tomorrow when my more thought-provoking post can be completed and I'm not so mentally and physically worn out from physical therapy. One too many pain pills over here and not enough brain power...

Some news via the blogs and elsewhere:
  • d2 is all wound up over Joe Lieberman and rightfully so. If I were a member of the Democratic caucus I'd be saying it is time to kick the guy to the curb. And this coming from a former fan of Lieberman's. I'm with Senator Carper on this one, there need to be consequences and if he opts out of the caucus, so be it.
  • Mark Cuban, owner of nearly the whole world and the Dallas Mavericks, has been charged with insider trading. I'd like to see him go the way of Martha Stewart. And does this mean no big Cubs purchase in the future?
  • Other news, and hat tip to MountainGoat for this news, Ted Kennedy has returned to the Senate today and supposedly looks fairly healthy. As healthy as any man who just had brain surgery. The U.S. Senate just doesn't seem right without Teddy.
  • In baseball news, the National League has awarded Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals with the MVP award. Surprising for a year that sent Ryan Howard to the World Series. Also, there seems to be some speculation over where Rafael Furcal will land before spring training. Both the Giants and the A's seem to be in the mix. If he goes to the Giants that could be the end of Omar Vizquel's career. If he goes to the A's he could shore up the lineup with newly acquired Matt Holliday. Still would have liked to see him return to Atlanta, but then again I'd like everybody to return to Atlanta. I'm looking at you Greg Maddux!
  • The 2009 World Winter Games of Special Olympics will be coming to Idaho in February. There is an online contest where you can submit your story, with a video or picture, depicting one of the Special Olympics values (strength, determination, community, inspiration, or empowerment). Don't have a story to share? Donate anyway, there's a link to do so. My story to share will be coming soon.
To quote that master of nailing exactly what I'm thinking, Wordsmith over at Left Side of the Moon says, "I know how old I feel while sitting here at the computer; it’s when I stand up I start to feel it." I'm not that old, but when I stand up, sit down (fight, fight, fight?) or anything else I'm feeling every movement from the past oh twenty years?

And should anyone wonder, my terminology requires I refer to physical therapy as either torture or yank & crank.


Wordsmith said...

WHAT IS UP with Mark Cuban? And Uncle Teddy - "looking forward to working with Barack Obamer." Oh, Teddy. He does look good, doesn't he?! Gawd - he even looks like Bobby at times when he's talking.

Thanks for the link, Ms Wiseacre. I'm hoping I can get back to blogging more now that I"m, wait - my daughter's older! Now that things are down to a quiet roar on the homefront.

Wordsmith said...

As for Mark Cuban, I was listening to NPR and on 'Alison Stewart's show' or maybe she was substituting for Neil Cohen today. But there was a bit about Mark Cuban. Interestingly - the issue of "class" came, he's a mid to working class guy who made it REAL big.

Sorry no link, just the info.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Yeah, I saw him on one of those rags to riches type shows on VH1 or MTV. They said something about him never being good at sports as a kid and now he can play with the best players in the world because he owns them! They showed him at his huge mansion shooting hoops. Must say he sucked.