Friday, December 5, 2008


Apparently in Idaho showing support for and funding a world competition in our own backyard is pandering to the evils associated with boosting our economy. We are guilty of greed and excess, ignorant of the true meaning of charity, and our representatives in the statehouse are positioning themselves accordingly because they would like to funnel our tax dollars into organizations they volunteer their time to.

Yes, this is what Kathleen Kreller and Greg Hahn of the Idaho Statesman as well as Dave Frazier of the Boise Guardian would like you to believe.

Nearly in the same breath, Kathleen Kreller would also like you to know that the state budget hold backs ordered by Governor Otter, will adversely impact the families and caregivers of those with developmental disabilities. Kreller at least had the decency to note that those with developmental disabilities are among "Idaho's most vulnerable residents," unlike her counterpart, Mr. Frazier, who insists the world games are a gimmick and feels the unfortunate need to insert quotation marks around the diagnoses of intellectual disabilities as if he questions the very aptitude of these individuals.

Support of this "gimmick" didn't stop the national Special Olympics organization from honoring our embattled Senator Craig. In fact, they, unlike many organizations, didn't shy away from honoring him despite his recent track record. They gave him the legacy award.

Oh, and those who have devoted their entire careers to the continued operation and success of the Special Olympics organization, on the state, national or world stage, those people don't deserve salaries, either.

Ms. Kreller, Mr. Hahn or Mr. Frazier, would you be willing to tell a friend of mine that what she has been training for and looking forward to for years is just a gimmick? Would you like to swing by my brother's house and tell him that those ribbons and medals he covets were never won because of his hard work and unyielding determination, but because this state supports a gimmick every summer that he and his friends, friends like Todd Fuller, compete in? Or how about Kirk Grogan? He got to meet with the President of the United States last year before traveling to China to compete. Just a gimmick, too? Let me know when you're willing to tell them it is just a gimmick, I'll show you the way.

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