Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aye Carumba! Again...

Here's another whopper from the Times-News re: Sage Aragon:

The difference between a good father and employee

I would like to submit a comment on your recent article concerning the difference in being a "good employee" versus a "good father" as I am outraged by the continual support being expressed for Robert Aragon.

While he may be a fine man, a good employee, etc., he certainly is not a responsible parent, which is a must to be called a "good father." Providing a "safe" environment for one's children is critical component of "good" parenting.

If Mr. Aragon was mentally incapacitated or chemically impaired, then possibly one could understand how a grown adult would allow two children to start out on foot during the conditions of Christmas Day for any distance. Even if he thought the mother was around the corner, much less out who knows where on the road.

Why he would allow his children to leave his supervision is beyond comprehension. Added to his poor judgment of allowing them to walk away is the fact that, he, upon getting his car out, returned to his warm home without checking on those kids is just

Instead of this overwhelming show of support, who is speaking up for this young girl who laid in the snow cold and alone until leaving this world? Not to mention her brother, who will always wonder why he did not make her stay with him.

So what if he cannot raise that amount of bail money. I am sure that the jail cell Mr. Aragon is now occupying is much warmer at night than the snow bank he provided for his daughter.

If, in fact, Mr. Aragon is such a "good father" as has been reported three days in a
row, then he should stand up and take responsibility for his actions,and second-degree murder is an appropriate charge for this heinous crime.

Twin Falls

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