Monday, January 5, 2009

Aye Carumba!

From the Times-News in response to the Sage Aragon tragedy:

Maybe hypothermia hindered Aragon's thinking

Nobody in their right mind would act this way. I think the only explanation that makes sense is that Aragon may have been somewhat hypothermic himself when he sent them off and stayed that way for a while. The truck was probably an old one, he had gotten out and worked on it for a while, then sent the kids off.

I was deranged by hypothermia once. God only knows what idiot thing might have made sense to me to tell kids if they were with me then. I decided to take off my jacket and strip down to my shorts, then sit on top of a rock for a while to do what those Tibetans supposedly do drying blankets while naked on the ice. It made complete sense in my deranged state.

I was in my early 20s and I eventually decided to go home and made it. I had stopped shivering hours before, and when I got in the shower, at first I thought something was wrong that the cold and hot water had been reversed. I couldn't tell them apart, both felt burning hot. I had enough sense to realize that the steaming stuff was hotter. So I got into the full-on-cold shower slowly because it felt like my skin was scalding off. Eventually, I could turn on hot water until I was warm again. I went through a shivering phase as I warmed up. When I was warm, I said to myself, "What were you doing?!" But it all made sense in my hypothermic state.

I could easily see doing something like sending kids off and thinking nothing of it. I don't know if that contributed to why it happened, but it may have. Aside from that, I wonder if punishing the son and his mother by taking away the father is helpful to anyone now. Aragon supports his son, who will do it now? Children of convicts already clog the courts. Each convict costs around $150,000 per year, and is Aragon going to do this again?


Davis, Calif.

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