Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baseball Blunders

The last time I got really aggravated with Major League Baseball was during the great strike of 1994. The 232-day strike nearly did me in. And now, nobody is on strike, but by damn this baseball fan is considering going on a strike of my own.

It probably goes without saying that I hate the Yankees. It isn't hatred, it is loathing. As if those of us who enjoy baseball for the sake of watching the Yankees lose haven't put up with enough, what do they do? They go signing three of the biggest three agents to be on the market since, oh, I don't know A-Rod? The Yankees signed CC Sabathia, the ace pitcher who single handedly carried the Brewers to the post season. Then they signed A.J. Burnett, the great Blue Jay who was on the wish list of every single team in Major League Baseball. And then, here's the kicker for me, they couldn't pass up Mark Teixeira. THE Mark Teixeira. More than $400 million dollars into three contracts. Three!

The Yankees appear to have no economic woes. They couldn't leave Teixeira for somebody else to grab? No, don't let the Red Sox know he's on the market! Ugh.

Recent electees to Cooperstown were announced yesterday. How this all happened is beyond my comprehension, but for a moment there yesterday there was a great deal of speculation as to whether Ricky Henderson would enter the Hall by himself. Of course the greatest base-stealer of all time would be elected on his first ballot. In his first year of eligibility, Ricky was a go. The surprise? The only other electee was Jim Rice, the long time member of the Boston Red Sox. After fifteen years of eligibility! Go figure.

While we're on the topic of the Red Sox, in a roundabout way, I'd like to mention my complete dismay in the "purchase" of John Smoltz by the Red Sox. I've always thought of Smoltzie in the same light as Tony Gwynn or Cal Ripken. He's a lifer. A lifetime Brave. Came up with Atlanta, had an unbelievable career with Atlanta, and then when Frank Wren says they aren't willing to pay Smoltzie as much to not pitch as they would be willing could he actually pitch, he jumps ship. For crying out loud! Boston!? Boston is rapidly becoming the other Yankees. As much as I'm sure Boston fans hate to read that...

And last, but not least in the realm of irritating and disappointing major league baseball: A grand jury is in fact considering the congressional testimony of Roger Clemens on suspicion of perjury. Ya think? Coulda fooled me. Perjury. Clemens is as guilty as Raffy Palmero. But let's just tar the entire image of this nation's past time.

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Teresa + Andy said...

Andy didn't hardly blink on the Yankee buys, but when I read to him about Smoltz just now, he was surprised too! Sad day for Braves fans.