Monday, January 26, 2009

Mapping Hate Speech

The continuously updated Zeb Bell page, reporting on and tracking the hate-filled ravings of a southern Idaho conservative talk radio host and his listeners, has a new addition by way of a map (left) noting the broadcast signal radius of KBAR radio, the Rupert, Idaho station that airs "Zeb at the Ranch" every Monday through Thursday. Yes, hate speech can be mapped.

Of course, the Zeb Bell show is available online for listeners to stream live anywhere they are as long as they have a media player and a steady internet connection, but what the new addition represents is a hefty chunk of southern Idaho where hate speech can be heard by anyone who tunes in to 1230 AM.

If you haven't taken a look at the Zeb Bell page, created and continuously updated by The MountainGoat Report and this blog, please do. If you are well aware of the hate infiltrating our state via the mouth and airwaves of Zeb Bell, take a look again. The only way we will ever succeed in replacing hate, bigotry and racism with tolerance is to confront it continually.

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