Friday, January 9, 2009

Quote of the Week

A people, haggard with defeat,
Asks if there be a God; yet sets its teeth,
Faces calamity, and goes into the fire
Another than it was. And in wild hours
A people, roaring ripe
With victory, rises, menaces, stands renewed,
Sheds its old piddling aims,
Approves its virtue, puts behind itself
The comfortable dream, and goes,
Armoured and militant,
New-pithed, new-souled, new-visioned, up the steeps
To those great altitudes, whereat the weak
Live not. But only the strong
Have leave to strive, and suffer, and achieve.
-- William Ernest Henley, Hawthorn & Lavender


Sage Word said...

turn your freakin' phone on, grrrl!

Better still, come visit us at my 'rents. Friday nite par-tay.

Sage Word said...

nuts. Missed ya again. Mebbe next week?

Foah now, we go bedddddddd.


Sage Word said...

Seriously, this Friday... wanna try for take 2? Serephin, Janna, wife and I, anyone else we can think of?

Also, awesome poem. May have to swerve over to wikip later today to find out if he was anything like his poetry, since so far (sadly, sample size is just 2) the intensity and soul-sear(ch)ing nature of them makes me think of someone who ends up a dreadful bore after about half an hour or Robin Williams.

And today's captcha definition: bersemle: reminiscent of another malty brew.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Most people are familiar with Invictus. Can't remember the details, but Henley spent a great deal of his life ill and in the hospital. His poetry all has some sort of 'light at the end of the tunnel' feel to it.

Don't know about Friday...