Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shiny & New

Seems like everybody is getting a new look or new digs these days. Not sure when it started, maybe with the big switcheroo at the Spokesman's Huckleberries Online?

Serephin added a new header to their line up over at 43rd State Blues (said addition is the, "Badgers don't fight fair, bubba. That's why god created dachshunds" brilliance) and the changes to my most frequently read blogs have not ceased. While I was busy thinking the guy running the show over at unequivocal notion had gone MIA, turns out he was busy getting a new look, new host, all in all, new digs. And it looks great! Ridenbaugh Press, which seems to have been the same since I started reading it, oh, four or five years ago, go an entirely new look with a header I've yet to figure out. And Idaho-hum is back with a brand new look.

My friends Andy & Teresa are sporting a new header on their non-political, one-post-a-month blog. Teresa designed my current blog header as well as the previous blog header I was sporting once I figured out that I could insert these things. In fact, I've done very little stylistically to my own blog minus a few html color changes. Same template from the beginning, different color line up, but the same quote and same elements from the beginning. Teresa is the brains of this operation! In fact, the current blog header was the result of me handing her a bookmark I picked up as a freebie at a store and saying "I want this." The header before that was the result of me giving her two pictures and saying "I want these." Genius, I'm telling you.

All the new looks cropping up in the Idaho blogosphere are making me want to learn how to run Photoshop® for myself. Something tells me I should probably learn how to run Microsoft Word without cussing before attempting much else...

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