Saturday, January 10, 2009

Smorgasbord Saturday

Whew, Saturday again...

I'm all for displaying historic relics, but I draw the line with the plan at Ford's Theater in D.C. to display the blood stained jacket Lincoln was wearing when he was assassinated. Seriously, having spent quality time among the assassination historians and conspiracy theorists, I know that some of them can be out there. The ones who think this was a good idea are exactly that bunch of brainiacs.

Randy Stapilus, writing at Ridenbaugh Press, has an interesting observation regarding the $236,000 bathroom installed by Dirk Kempthorne. He mentioned former mayor of Boise, Dirk Kempthorne, in comparison to outgoing Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne. Yes, Kempthorne really did say he didn't understand why there needed to be elevator operators in the capitol. I've seen that ad a dozen times and it came immediately to mind when everyone was abuzz about the golden throne or whatever it is that now exists in the Interior offices in D.C. If Dirk is shooting for a budget-minded post soon (think, oh, president of the University of Idaho) he might need to prove to average Idahoans that he actually cares about taxpayer money. Just a thought.

If you're wondering where I was yesterday, I'm sure you weren't, but we can assume at least one reader wondered what was up with the lengthy poem, I was around, trying to wrap up a trying week, without a phone, but also sidetracked with this piece over at the MountainGoat Report. It wasn't the idiocy of Bryan Fischer so much as it was the responses to it. Some Fischer sympathizer posting as "Freedom" (he's probably of the same ilk that sports those yellow ribbons and "freedom isn't free" bumper stickers on his big-ass Hummer) was pretty out there, eliciting a response from Binky Boy. And then there is always the conservative bloggers...oops...blogger. Singular. Ugh.

Last matter of semi-important business: the Houston Chronicle had an interesting piece from Ken Herman of Cox regarding the potential for Obama to overturn Bush's policies on presidential records. There is hope and you better believe I'm counting down until that moment after the inauguration that Obama sits down and says to the country, 'these policies are not working for ANYONE.'

Apparently I only need five songs this Saturday. What happened to the days of going through tens of CDs only to arrive at something I had listened to a billion times? This Saturday's playlist includes: "Pour Le Monde" by Crowded House, "Fall to Pieces" from Velvet Revolver, Adam Stengel's "Some of Us," "Be My Escape" from Relient K (yes, I realize they don't know how to spell) and "Near To You" by A Fine Frenzy. Five whole songs.

...that's all she wrote.

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