Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smorgasbord Saturday

Rough week 'round these parts. Week that finally ended with an MRI. Ugh. Where to begin... How 'bout a little baseball news?

Jeff Kent, the slugging second baseman with the Los Angeles Dodgers has announced his retirement. Yes, as of Thursday it is official. Kent currently holds the record for most home runs by any second baseman in the history of baseball. I suspect one Chase Utley may give Kent a run for his money in years to come, though. I have never really cared one way or the other about Jeff Kent, but I certainly wish players would recognize when it is time to go a little more often. I mean, instead of trading to the Yankees or Red Sox for more money and ruining a spotless and honorable career. Okay, John Smoltz tirade over.

Just sayin' Smoltz could have taken a tip from Chipper...

In other baseball news, also from the Dodgers of all teams, Tom over at the Serious Sports News Network tipped me off on this hilarious story about Rafael Furcal. I love Furcal and his widely known hotheadedness, so I got a good chuckle out of the piece. Looks like the SSNN is the place to be! Later in the week they had another satirical piece saying that Obama had signed an order ridding the world of the Detroit Lions. Hmm...wonder if we couldn't convince somebody to do something about the damn Yankees.

On a more serious note, there were two editorials in the Times-News that I failed to mention: Sage Aragon stories were 'too much' by Nancy Foote of Dietrich (Published 1/9/09) and Everyone makes mistakes by Deborah Mehraban of Twin Falls (Published 1/18/09). Both are worth a read.

There seems to be a whole lot of Lincoln news lately with the Lincoln Bicentennial rapidly approaching. This article caught my eye recently. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that in this country citizens are more capable of owning pieces of American history than is the United States government. Of course, it is honorable that those Americans who own these relics are willing to donate them for a showing. Boy, what I would give to see the "Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life" exhibit!

Like nearly everyone that has encountered BinkyBoy at 43rd State Blues, I too have had my differences with Bink, but I found his recent post "Delusions" both fitting and appropriate for the recent idiocy of Bryan Fischer. I haven't had time to write up anything in response to Fischer's recent ravings, but BinkyBoy did a great job.

Stop Big Media, writing for the Media Channel, had an interesting commentary for MLK Day that arrived in my inbox early in the week. "Reflections on Racial Barriers In Media After MLK" is a worthy read for this historic week (as is MGR's 'How Long? Not Long!' post).

Oscar nominations were announced this week. A few surprises. A big one, for me at least, came in Michael Shannon who was nominated for his supporting role in Revolutionary Road when neither Kate Winslet or Leonardo DiCaprio were nominated for that film. Ms. Winslet was nominated for her role in The Reader, which I suspect is the role of her career. If she does Bernhard Schlink's character justice, she more than deserves an Oscar. She's pretty good at getting passed over for these things. Of course, I can't see The Reader because Pocatello doesn't believe in showing anything even remotely scandalous... I sincerely hope, for the sake of the audience and my own sanity that Mickey Rourke does not win for The Wrestler because I can't stomach another Mickey Rourke acceptance speech! Along those same lines, please don't let Meryl Streep win for Doubt because the Oscars, unlike the Golden Globes, do not provide wine for the audience and Meryl is much more entertaining to listen to rattle on about how wonderful she is when she's had a little too much vino. I suppose the only thing I absolutely would like to see happen is a win for David Hare.

And while I'm on the topic of movies, certainly not Oscar-worthy ones in this case, does anyone else find it a little bizarre that both Adam Sandler and Kevin James are in PG-rated comedies? Something tells me Adam Sandler is trying to stay in the business and Kevin James is still trying to break into the business. Regardless, just seems strange to have an Adam Sandler movie without crude Adam Sandler humor (feels a little too Spanglish and not enough Billy Madison). Paul Blart: Mall Cop looks hysterical, though.

Sad news of the week: Fathead Newman died. Who? You know, the sax man who played in the RC band? Yes, RC stands for Ray Charles. And his name was David. I sure didn't know that! Also, as it turns out, in addition to his ability to play the saxophone (baritone, tenor and alto), the man could play the flute.

Should be listening to Fathead Newman today, but I've got "One Week" by the great Canadian band the Barenaked Ladies on repeat. (And if you think you've heard the song, fine, but click on that link and watch this video, it is great!)

This may be the longest smorgasbord in the history of Smorgasbord Saturday!

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