Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At Gunpoint

Roger Barnett, a rancher in Douglas, Arizona, is being sued by sixteen illegal immigrants who, while attempting to gain entrance into the United States, were held by him at gunpoint. Barnett notified the U.S. Border Patrol and held the immigrants on his property until the patrolmen arrived and properly detained them.

The Cross Rail Ranch, owned by Barnett, has long been the sight of various instances such as this. Barnett openly admits that he has been "rounding up" illegal immigrants and turning them over to the Border Patrol.

Of course, Zeb Bell, host of "Zeb at the Ranch" and known by many for alleging that he pulled a gun on an Hispanic man who plowed through a fence-line near Bell's house, could not let sleeping dogs lie. The transcript that follows is of a conversation that took place this morning between Bell and an unidentified caller.

Zeb: Let's get to the nitty-gritty on this. Your property--where do you live in the city or out in the country?
Caller: The country.
Zeb: Alright, how many acres have you got?
Caller: Oh, just five.
Zeb: Alright, five acres. Is it fenced?
Caller: Yes.
Zeb: Okay, we're going to start cutting that fence everyday. Everyday I'm going to walk through your property and I'm going to leave water bottles, I'm going to leave human filth, I'm going to leave all kinds of trash. If you fix the fence I'm gonna cut it every time you fix it. Aren't you gonna get a little frustrated?
Caller: Yeah on the second day, you're done. (Laughs)
Zeb: That's it. No, that's my point...
Caller: (Through fits of laughter) On the second day that, on the second day they'll be picking your body up just on this side of my fence.
Zeb: Yeah, but you see, this is my point. This has gone on for ten years and this man has had to weather the storm and the American government is not doing a thing to protect this man.
Caller: It's ridiculous. It's more...
Zeb: It's beyond that...
Caller: It's ludicrous, it's beyond words, Zeb.
Zeb: This man is having to put up all the money to protect himself in a so-called civil rights case where these people, they haven't got the civil rights we have as American citizens! I don't give a rip who calls, who gets mad, who wants to go nose-to-nose or face-to-face with me, this is common idiocy. This is retarded and it is absolutely unAmerican that we're not protecting this man.
Caller: Well I'm gonna be standing in front of you or beside you Zeb, one of the two.
Zeb: Alright, God bless you, man. Watch your fences.

God? What does God have to do with this? Yes, let's ask God to bless someone who so willingly admits if in a similar situation to that of Mr. Barnett he would indeed shoot the offender.

Believe me when I say it is rather unsettling to begin a morning with a statement that not only implies shooting another human being, but a statement that is also uttered in the midst of uncontrollable laughter.

Did Zeb talk him down? Nope. Did he ask the caller to clarify his intent? Nope. Why not? Pot, meet kettle. Zeb Bell agreed with this caller and he certainly sees nothing wrong with pulling a gun on an illegal immigrant. I encounter hate, racism and bigotry every single time I listen to Zeb's show. It may not result in violence on the part of his listeners, but do not for a second think his listeners are above that.

I'd like to remind Zeb Bell and his listeners that there is something called human rights. They tend to scream about it when they hear a story about abortion. And if this caller, like Zeb, is going to claim that he is a good Christian man who believes God's law is higher than man's law, maybe he and Zeb both need to take a better look at those ten commandments, you know, the ones they believe have a place in any public building, school, statehouse or otherwise. Last I checked there was something about refraining from taking the lives of others and others includes all human beings, not just Americans here legally.

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