Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Fringe

Zeb's on the air this morning rattling on about taking the law into his own hands, the representative from the Cassia County Citizen's Academy, Sgt. Peggy Marizza, doesn't know what to say to him. Completely speechless. But by damn, Zeb has the right to protect his property!

The insanity and outright absurdity of people has been excessive lately. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe the guy waving goodbye to ol' time religion in the Times-News today really is crazy. The scary part is, the crazies have plenty of representation in the Idaho Statehouse. Rep. Steve Hartgen to name just one, there are plenty to choose from.

More and more I'm saying to myself the things the "fringe" progressive bloggers have been saying for years. Yes, BinkyBoy, I'm sorry I ever doubted your intelligence. Please forgive me. And ravenbran, whoever he is, was my hero yesterday. Wow, this really is the fringe.

On the fringe or not, I'm taking a few days off (yes, AGAIN) to wrap up some things and start on other projects that I'm awfully behind on. TGIF Tunes will appear tomorrow as usual and I'll return at the beginning of next week.

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