Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Influence and the ISP

From time to time I find myself contemplating the general scope and influence of "Zeb at the Ranch" and ultimately resort to continuing my own reporting on what is being said by Zeb Bell and his listeners, if not for the sheer idiocy, for a better idea of how broad the influence of Bell actually is.

Just this morning, in the now weekly segment while the legislature is in session with Idaho Senator Denton Darrington (R-Declo), Zeb Bell proposed privatizing the Idaho State Police. Yes, he would like the police to open themselves up to corporate sponsorship so they can continue to have the budget necessary to operate throughout the state. Instead of raising taxes at all, he would rather the Idaho State Police be sponsored by corporations like Simplot. Yes, he'd like them to issue some sort of advertisement that states "Simplot supports the ISP."

Other than the obvious, I found it absolutely absurd that while Zeb Bell made this statement, he was neither shot down nor laughed at by Senator Darrington or this morning's guest hand-picked by Darrington, Jerry Russell the director of the, wait for it, Idaho State Police!

I am amazed that some of Zeb's most extreme proposals occur when he is talking with his legislative guests, yes, he has members of the Idaho Legislature on his show every week. Generally, Zeb's legislative guests are from Districts 26 and 27 and include: Representative Scott Bedke, Assistant Majority Leader (R-Oakley); Representative John Stevenson (R-Rupert); Representative Fred Wood (R-Burley); Senator Dean Cameron (R-Rupert); and of course, Senator Denton Darrington (R-Declo).

Do you think Zeb Bell has no influence outside of the Rupert area? I would beg to differ with that list of members of the Idaho Legislature. His "sphere of influence" is obviously much larger than his broadcast range.

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Julie Fanselow said...

I really want to see some intrepid traditional media reporter ask these legislators whether their frequent guest spots on Bell's show mean that they agree with his views - and if not, why they continue to tacitly condone his hate speech by repeatedly going on the show.