Sunday, February 22, 2009

On My Radar

While sitting here watching the worst Oscars telecast I've ever seen (despite Hugh Jackman's talent and his hosting effort) and working on various academic writing projects, here's a list of links that caught my eye today:

  • The Washington Post had an interesting article regarding student financial aid and the stimulus package. An excerpt: "The plan also will add $200 million to the $1.1 billion work-study budget, allowing tens of thousands more students to earn an average of $1,479 to help pay their tuition."
  • Is this a Christian nation? Leonard Hitchcock, professor emeritus at Idaho State University, explores this question on the political blog of the Idaho State Journal. Finally a piece that does not confuse the text of the Declaration of Independence with the United States Constitution!
  • The Times-News out of Twin Falls plays haven to all sorts of wingnuts on their editorial/opinion page, today was no exception. The headings for today's opinions included "Immigrants should learn English" and "Idaho should refuse bailout funds," but the scariest wingnut of them all? Rep. Maxine Bell (R-Jerome) graces the opinion page with another Republican assault on public education. Evidently her partners in crime (Bedke & Darrington) were too busy rejecting pleas for human rights to take out public education with Ms. Bell. Go read the piece, it's a trip.

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