Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smorgasbord Saturday

Another week gone, another Saturday here. Thankfully Major League Baseball has begun spring training, steroid allegations and discussions aside, and the World Baseball Classic is around the corner. Thankfully there are things to look forward to.

Some weeks it is awfully hard to live in the reddest of states. Not only is the ridiculous commentary easily printed and too-well read in the local papers, the statehouse neglects human rights because of the insane and dangerous influence of extremist lobbyists and the IVA, our sitting U.S. Senator lies to the legislature and covers by saying it was a misstatement and the stimulus bill is entirely too large and tedious to read, oh, and the national Republicans think the way to solve the waining status of the party is to introduce a little hip-hop. And my hometown state senator finally got something right, but he continues to cry foul when it comes to government intervention. In the reddest of states we must remember that government has a limited place. Too much government will always be too much government in these parts, except for the farmers, of course.

The biggest, most glitzy award show of the year is coming to ABC tomorrow night. Yes, the Oscars are here! Usually I have a ballot printed off with my picks, who I want to win, who I think will win, etc. Haven't done that yet as I've had company, a day of recovering from four trigger point injections, and other work to attend to. However, my hope is for a night that finally honors the great Kate Winslet, if Mickey Rourke must win his speech can't be nearly as crazy as his Golden Globes speech was, and please, please give an award to the amazing David Hare. As if writing an screenplay, adapted from a novel isn't hard enough, think about the level of difficulty in adapting a book by Bernhard Schlink. I am a bit afraid that the drama behind distribution for The Reader will sink its chances in the best picture category. Not into any of this years films? Check out this great piece by Mark Harris for Smithsonian.

The Roland Burris ship is sinking. Sinking fast. Did we really expect much else from a senator appointed under such circumstances? And a senator who thinks he was preordained by God for the position? A note to Burris staff: Jump!

Last, but not least, here's a rundown of new movies, music and books on the horizon that I'm anxiously awaiting (sorry, no list of what I'm listening to yet, as of the moment I'm listening to good friends get ready for the day and cornflakes pour majestically into a bowl): The eighth addition to the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson, The 8th Confession, will be on store shelves in April--here's hoping it isn't as disappointing as the most recent addition to the Alex Cross series; Religulous is here, but I haven't got my hands on a copy yet; Holly Hunter returns to television soon, very soon, March 2nd to be exact, on TNT's original series Saving Grace; A cd I haven't picked up yet, but have on my list is the debut album from Glasvegas; and, coming soon to music stores, iTunes and wherever else you purchase your tunes--U2's No Line on the Horizon, the deluxe, remastered addition of Pearl Jam's Ten, a new Keith Urban album, the Unstoppable Rascal Flatts (both Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban remind me that I'm loving Jack Ingram these days), and finally a full release from the ever-talented Vienna Teng.

There you have it, another smorgasbord full of what else? Baseball, politics, books, movies and tunes!

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