Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zeb the Violent Vigilante

If you don't think Zeb Bell is dangerous, you're wrong. This, in Zeb's own proud words, is exactly the kind of behavior that Zeb Bell advocates on his radio show "Zeb at the Ranch." This violent vigilantism is not only common place on Zeb's show, it is a shared opinion by conservative extremists and these folks think the government should be thanking them for pulling guns on illegal immigrants and holding them against their will. Yes, thanking them.


Clayton said...

It's called a citizens arrest--not only legal, but in many states, the only way for someone charged with a misdemeanor to be taken into custody. (For example, in California, if a peace officer does not actually see the misdemeanor, he can't do the arrest; only take the accused over from a citizen who did see the crime. And I suspect that "conservative extremists" who support this are probably only about 60% of the population of the U.S. There is pretty general upset about illegal immigration and the manner in which their low wages are used by corporations to drive down the wages of U.S. citizens and lawful immigrants.

Benjamin said...

Wrong you are Clayton. The federal courts have shown that when race enters into the mix, and malice is present, it is called FALSE IMPRISONMENT. Zeb is lucky he didn't get his ass sued over the matter. There are some cases below which would tend to condemn Zeb's lawlessness.

Here are some other facts: the day this occurred it was rather icy. But that is beside the point. Any DECENT man would fist see if the person behind the wheel was alright and breathing, instead of putting a barrel at his nose and holding him hostage. Besides, who is to know if he was documented or not. Does it really matter. It just speaks volumes of what kind of person Ronald Zebbell really is. A dark hearted attack dog with a major disdain for anyone who doesn't have skin color a shade more pale than his.