Monday, March 2, 2009

Daycare Legislation

From the ever-talented Serephin:

You can read the text of the daycare legislation, Idaho Senate Bill 1112, here. Sadly enough, the real opposition to this legislation is coming from the zealous 2nd Amendment defenders in this state. Yes, I really meant the 2nd amendment.

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Julie Fanselow said...

Serephin rules ... and thanks to Samantha C for telling her family's story.
One clarification on the NRA: It did oppose this bill two weeks ago when it was introduced. But Senator Corder and Rep Sayler have written an amendment to address the 2nd Amendment concerns, and an NRA rep was at the hearing yesterday to say his organization no longer opposes the bill. It passed committee and will be heard in the full Senate - the first time in five years of trying that child-care safety advocates have gotten a bill out of committee. Only two people testified against it: Bryan Fischer and Kimberly (wife of Wayne) Hoffman.