Thursday, March 5, 2009

Defending Bigotry

The fallout over recent comments made by Rep. Bert Stevenson (R-Rupert) on the AM talk radio show "Zeb at the Ranch" continues this morning as the Times-News front-paged the hoopla.

Zeb Bell is on fire this morning as he "stands with his friend Bert Stevenson." He is encouraging his listeners to send Rep. Stevenson a thank you letter. He keeps reminding the bloggers to just "clickity clack" away until we get carpel tunnel syndrome for our efforts.

What is he saying? Here's a taste:

"Filthy preference"
"Nicole LeFavour the sleaze"
"sick and perverted ways"

"hell bent on destruction"
"a good man has been denigrated in the press"

...Those are just a few of the choice phrases Zeb and "Bell's Bigots" are throwing about this morning. Because don't you forget that they are "good Christians" who believe in the Bible and do not believe in this "perverted lifestyle".

Yes, these people are defending Rep. Stevenson for his commentary that gays want to "do away with the human race." They truly believe that Stevenson is 100% correct in his statements and see no problem repeating it even if they are referred to as bigots.

And now they are blaming the fall of Rome on the acceptance of gays within their society...

Excuse me while I go puke.


Julie Fanselow said...

Tara, your work is starting to pay off. You and MG have been following this hatemonger for years, and his bile - and the GOP's acceptance of it - is finally coming to greater public attention.

Wordsmith said...

One of the hardest working legislators there is and she's attacked.

Tara - I'm trying to get to this - period. Today, I think I will.

Kelly said...

Tara, if I had a nickel for every time I wanted to excuse myself to 'go puke' after listening to Zeb Bell I would be a rich man. I am a former Program Director for KBAR am, and I had the unfortunate task of running/promoting/producing Zeb's show for just over a year. He is a very sad, angry and patheticly ignorant individual who cloaks the most vile forms of bigotry behind the flag, apple pie, and caring for seniors. While those three attributes are in fact's the way he uses them to advance hate that is despicable. Great blog. Keep up the good work!