Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In a Paper Near You...

A preview of the story appearing today in the Boise Weekly ran here yesterday. "Medium Rare," a post by Nathaniel Hoffman featured more audio portraying Zeb Bell for the blowhard he is. Yet, today Zeb Bell couldn't care less about the BW and their reporter because he was all riled up about the LTEs in the Times-News. In fact, today has been a day full of Bell news and the Boise Weekly was the least of Zeb's problems, hell, not even on his radar. He hates bloggers and everybody at the Times-News far more more than anybody at the Boise Weekly.

In ink:
And in case you already listened to the audio at the MountainGoat Report and you, like BinkyBoy, can't help but wonder who Zeb called and was greeted with the sound of the phone being hung up on him, here's a comment left at the Times-News website today that I believe speaks volumes to the entire situation:
Follows an email I sent to Rep. Stevenson.

Bert, as you know, I sent you a personal email on March 5th with an invitation to meet to discuss your radio show appearance with Zeb Bell. You were not enough of a gentlemen to even reply but you did act on it. On the 7th, I get a call on my cell phone which number only family members and you know. It's Zeb calling me a coward and inviting me to macho it out. He later called and left a voicemail with a similar message.

Here's another citizen who isn't afraid to speak the truth that we may have elected officials and radio announcers who spew hate and intolerance, a wonderful legacy for our children and grandchildren in the grand tradition of Aryan Idaho.

For your information, since you forwarded my personal email, I feel no obligation to not share this story with the world. May Christ forgive you and Zeb your hate and bigotry.
This comment from one Lee Halper, user id: silverchest. I find it funny on so many levels, but apparently these "thank you" notes people are receiving from Rep. Stevenson (R-Rupert) are the only responses he's tendering. My email to Rep. Stevenson went unrecognized and even though I didn't expect him to, he didn't apologize for his bigoted and offensive comments.

Is "Zeb at the Ranch" being pulled from the air? Quite the opposite, actually. Next Monday Zeb is scheduled to begin a new segment called "Hoofbeats" sponsored by Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Wyeth Industries. Nope, the shoe doesn't get pulled, the sponsors just get bigger!


Nathaniel Hoffman said...
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Nathaniel Hoffman said...

Worth noting that our source for the audio asked not to be identified.

Nathaniel (with an e)