Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh, Orson

This is a little too single-themed to qualify as a smorgasbord...

Having watched Rachel Getting Married last night, I was intrigued to see that Orson Scott Card has his Orson Awards posted.

Now, I guess I don't care enough about movies or have the ego to think any award I would give would mean anything, but I had to laugh at how G-rated his awards have become. He passes on seeing Milk, W. and Frost/Nixon for "political correctness" and "historical lies," but sings the praises of Prince Caspian and Seven Pounds for their moral lessons.

He says he has every intention of seeing Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button, but makes no mention of other films released in 2008 that had haunting stories to tell as well. Because of his politics, I didn't anticipate he'd make any mention of Taxi to the Darkside, Standard Operating Procedure or Religulous, and he didn't. After all, he does give his best movie of the year award to, of all things, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

I'm finding it more and more difficult to take the man seriously. I once enjoyed his reviews of potato chips and random audio books, but lately it is cumbersome to read his reviews.

I didn't expect him to choose The Reader, In Bruges, or Towelhead and Burn After Reading, but I do expect his reviews to reach across the aisle from time to time and appeal to people other than Mormon middle-aged men and their children!

Maybe he should stick to Bean's Baseball!


Wordsmith said...

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.?????

Okay, I saw that - it was enjoyable NOT movie of the year. 'In Bruges' would make movie of the year before Miss Pettigrew. GEeeezzzz. It has some real moral calamity going on.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Calamity? Well I wouldn't have called it that, but moral somethin' for sure!

darlene said...

I was always an Orson Scott Card fan, Ender's Game and some of those series books he did (before they stretched out too weird) showed me a less-than-stodgy Mormon man. That was appealing to me.

Then he got revered for his opinion, and everything just kinda got stodgy again.

I got Religulous but I have yet to watch it (not enough time!)

Wordsmith said...

'In Bruges' had moral calamity, absolutely - NOT Miss Pettigrew.

Religulous is one of the few movies I intend to buy. Another is - The Secret Life of Bees.