Saturday, March 21, 2009

Smorgasbord Saturday

The World Baseball Classic resumes this weekend on the West coast at Dodger Stadium for the semi-final round. Korea and Venezuela will face off tonight and the United States against Japan tomorrow night to determine who will be in the final game Monday night. As of yesterday afternoon, the U.S. was still undecided as to who will fill in for their injured first baseman, but they did score a third baseman in Tampa Bay Ray Evan Longoria. 7pm tonight, 6pm tomorrow night and wrapping up at 7pm on Monday. All games will be on ESPN.

In other baseball news, I see Manny Ramirez played a little cricket this week. Maybe this is all part of Joe Torre's strategy to let Manny be Manny...

Apparently we're to hush up about Obama's comment on Leno about bowling scores and the Special Olympics, but it doesn't matter to me that he's of my party or was attempting humor, I was both disappointed and disgusted with the President's comment. I'm sure he just got on the phone to the Shrivers and said 'how do I fix this?' and they gave him a pass, but I'm not gonna give him a pass just because he's a Democrat with little time in office. Any itelligent person knows that using the Special Olympics as a joke doesn't lead anywhere honorable.

If March Madness and tickets to a game are any indication, it looks like my fellow blogger Bubblehead is healing nicely and getting back to good. Good news is always welcome!

You want a laugh? The story in the Times-News alone made me chuckle, but I'm betting the police report is full of gems. With the name listed on your rap sheet being Jade David Superman, you know you're probably gonna be in deep when you run into a person's garage to hide from a cop you know is chasing you and the garage happens to belong to the Cassia County Prosecutor. Lucky for Jade, Al's a pretty nice guy!

I'm guessing that my fairly busy Saturday will include a few tunes, but for a few hours now I've been stuck on the amazing "I Could Have Lied" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Slower for the Peppers, but every bit as passionate and deep. I think this must mean I'm successfully out of my country slump.

Oh, and Modest Mouse has a new single. Go looksee."You could say what you want, you're forgiven. Well happy fucking congratulations!" Totally the best line written in awhile!

Now, go, enjoy a beautiful springtime Saturday...

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