Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Sunday Thought

Look down the long valley & there stands a mountain
That someone has said is the end of the world.
Then what of this river that having arisen
Must find where to pour itself into & empty?
I never saw so much swift water run cloudless.
Oh, I have been often too anxious for rivers
To leave to them to get out of their valleys.
The truth is the river flows into the canyon
Of ceasing-to-question-what-doesn't-concern-us,
As sooner or later we have to cease somewhere.
No place to get lost like too far in the distance.
It may be a mercy that dark closes round us
So broodingly soon in every direction.
The world as we know is an elephant's howdah;
The elephant stands on the back of a turtle;
The turtle in turn on a rock in the ocean.
And how much longer a story has science
Before she must put out the light on the children
And tell them the rest of the story is dreaming?
"You children may dream it and tell it tomorrow."

-- Robert Frost, "Too Anxious for Rivers"


Unknown said...

I was a fourth grader in Mrs. Williams class in 1963. Every Thursday after lunch 35 students and our teacher were blessed to turn on the radio and hear poets and writers of that time read their own works. When I read a Robert Frost poem, I can still hear his deep,gravelly voice punctuated by his artful cadence. Wow, thanks for letting me reflect again on that childhood memory.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks for sharing the memory, Byron. I know the voice well and find it rather comforting on dark winter days.