Friday, April 24, 2009

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(*Editor's note: I'm in the process of writing a piece on the impact of budget cuts on residential habilitation for the developmentally disabled, but because I am having steroid injections again this afternoon I am not sure when that piece will be complete or another post will appear here. In the meantime, here's a smorgasbord of sorts for your reading pleasure.)
  • (*New here yesterday evening...) Southern Idaho, proving yet again why it is never a good idea to say "you people." Ugh.
  • Sharon Fisher, continuing her superb following of the Idaho Legislature this session has an excellent piece today with not only a clever title ("Idaho Hostage Crisis, Day Three"), but a great image accompanying her article. Go check it out! Made me laugh until the reality of the Governor's temper tantrum came back into focus.
  • The State Board of Education announced yesterday that they'd offered Duane Nellis the position of President of the University of Idaho and he has accepted. This after Nellis took himself out of the running because the price wasn't right. Enter Steve Symms, yes, the same Steve Symms who is throwing a breakfast fundraiser for Congressman Walt Minnick and also represented this state in the U.S. House and Senate once upon a time, and there's suddenly enough money for Nellis to agree. Beyond the entertainment I found in the comments following the announcement yesterday, I can't help but find Symms' sudden reemergence in Idaho news a tad bit suspect.
  • A colleague asked for my input on a LTE he wrote to the Idaho State Journal about a week ago and I was pleased to see that the paper printed it today. Here it is:

"I fail to see the difference between refusing to serve lunch to an Afro-American at one drugstore counter, and refusing to sell the morning-after pill to a woman at another. The Idaho Legislature is about to sanction discrimination against women by allowing pharmacists to deny service because of their personal religious views. What will the next step backwards be: Allowing teachers to withhold instruction from gay students?"

Leonard Hitchcock, Pocatello

  • Somebody pointed out this piece in the Wall Street Journal about university donors and their irritation as campuses across the country struggle in this awful economy. I guess I hadn't thought about universities choosing to sell off things once donated to them to make a quick and much needed buck. As I've applied to a half dozen graduate programs recently I've received several responses from private universities that just can't open their doors to additional students in the humanities at this time when donors have less to donate and funds just aren't there to offer deserving students financial aid packages that would actually enable them to attend their university. It is rather scary that in this economy exceptional students are being passed over for students who can pay the full cost of tuition out of their own pockets regardless of their academic standing and track record.
  • And, should you need a laugh, my intern pointed this out to me this morning: Check out the similarities between this guy and this guy. Just by sight, of course...
  • (*Newest addition to this post...) I've always thought that spending six to eight innings on the pitcher's mound had to be the most dangerous position on the baseball diamond. I say this having watched many a pitcher nailed by line drives and even from completely inaccurate throws home from outfielders without control. Yesterday's exit of Cole Hamels in the Phillies game against the Brewers proved my long held suspicion about the danger for pitchers. With a guy like Prince Fielder and his power behind the plate, I'd be afraid to pitch anything in the strike zone to the guy. Takes a lot of guts to be the first target for a line drive...
  • (*Another newby...) Where James Wright is surely the lowpoint at the Times-News in Twin Falls, I definitely find Steve Crump, his writings and otherwise, the highpoint. Here, check out case in point. Ironically, in today's Times-News there is an editorial today on partisanship in the Idaho House of Representatives that seriously calls Maxine Bell a "consensus-builder." In what universe? The first thing I've heard that made sense from Maxine Bell in years was her comment on the absurdity of Governor Otter and his veto stamp. Additionally, the editoral states: "Many of [the moderates] disappeared in the election of 2006, when Boise Democrats swept centrist Republicans out of the Legislature." The Times-News makes no mention of the increasing influence of those Republicans being elected and/or running from the far right wing of the party. Maybe James Wright would like to incorporate the Fox News "fair and balanced" motto in his editorials. I'd be more inclined to take him seriously if he'd admit to the paper's obvious biases.
(*Originally published 4/23/09, updated and republished 4/24/09. Please note that "Quote of the Day" and "TGIF Tunes" appear below this pre-weekend linkfest.)

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