Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Own Linkfest

Not to detract from the wonderful round-up of links unequivocal notion is supplying these days, but here are a few I've found particularly thoughtful, interesting or just odd this morning:
  • How tough must it be to play basketball well and be Michael Jordan's son?
  • Bethine Church knows a thing or two about Idaho political history--go read. (h/t Chris, this is definitely the "must read" of the day.
  • Explain to me why Lou Dobbs can be forced into an apology for this, but we can't get enough people angry with Zeb Bell to throw him off the air.
  • Playing fantasy baseball this season? You're quickly running out of days to sign up. Opening day is around the corner. Signed up my team and changed my avatar this morning. More on this maybe Saturday.
  • I won't tell you what first ran through my mind when I read Dan Popkey's latest, but Serephin, that genius, summed it up nicely.
  • Here's a shocker for the morning: I've finally agreed with Orson Scott Card on something! I own an iPod shuffle, I actually downgraded from the iPod they now refer to as the Classic and I love the shuffle (mostly because I own so much music it is the only way to listen to it all without biases). More space is always good, knowing who you are actually listening to, even better, but for crying out loud making it smaller isn't going to make it better! It's small enough, thank you very much.
  • While looking for a zero gravity chair online, I ran across this bizarre stool. Check it out and tell me how the hell I'm supposed to stay balanced on that sucker!
  • If you haven't seen the video of Stephen Colbert down-right ripping Glenn Beck for building his disgusting career on 9/11 you can view it here. Note to Colbert: Now for Rudy...
  • And, word on the street is there are upcoming albums from Iron & Wine, Conor Oberst (on May 5th), and a new band called Tinted Windows. There may no end to my latest binge in sight.

That's all I've got for you; Let it keep you busy for awhile. And if it doesn't keep you busy, like I said, unequivocal is offering this service on a daily basis and without the added diatribes.

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