Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Your Average Monday

Something to keep you busy again today, a few things I'm reading and what I'm listening to. I know I said I'm working on a piece and I am, I swear, just a little hung up at the moment with a back that won't give it a damn rest and a body that was rattled today after a drop on the Total Gym. No, this sure isn't your average Monday, folks...

  • "Weight of It All" by Matt Nathanson on repeat around my place this morning (video here, lyrics here); Beware of banter language.
  • I'm reading a David Baldacci novel called The Collectors that is absolutely fascinating. The last book of his I read was called Saving Faith and equally exciting. You can check out this book via my sidebar.
  • The Governor's Letters--yes, the ones he has written to the "hostages" (as Sharon Fisher of New West is fond of calling them) or Idaho legislators. Pretty interesting reading.
  • Finals are upon us. Well, not me, I don't have finals, just papers due, but my fellow classmates have finals and I found the title of this article rather funny. Guess their advice is slightly better than the next bit--get your caffeine fix. Not everything can be solved by a stimulant.
  • Meanwhile, ISU students are genuinely concerned with what the state budget cuts and recent firing of seventy-three ISU instructors mean for course options and availability in the fall. The student body president takes the side of the administration, saying the students are poorly informed. Even the more vocal faculty are giving the administration a pass. And after all the talk about the budget in the ISJ, the clean-up crew or maybe just damage control kicks into high gear and tomorrow President Arthur Vailas will be holding an open forum for students that have concerns about what budget cuts do mean in terms of class size and availability (Tuesday, April 28, from 12-1 p.m. in the Pond Student Union Theater). It's ridiculous to think that anyone would like the students to believe that with a cut of general instructors and lecturers they won't be facing class availability issues--with the Physics department losing 1/4th of their faculty in this round of cuts, I'm not convinced.
  • This afternoon the iPod is pumping out Don Henley's "I'm Taking You Home" (lyrics here), a song with great piano, and "Gone Going" by the Black Eyed Peas with Jack Johnson (lyrics here, video here), actually the only Jack Johnson song I like. How's that for a strange combo of tunes?

Soon as I'm feeling a little better and a lot less scattered with deadlines approaching, I'll be back with something a bit more informative and thoughtful. That certainly isn't going to happen on a Monday!


Nick S. said...

So I've decided to give BEP one more shot. Loved their early stuff, but as Fergie has taken a bigger part in the band's music I've started to like them less and less. Monkey Business was terrible! I listened to it once and never again. Still, Will.I.Am has been doing good stuff, and they still rank amongst the best concerts I have ever seen (tiny club. they opened for N.E.R.D., which was amazing). I'll buy The E.N.D. and see what happens.

Ann said...

Matt Spencer's nose is permanently attached to Vailas's ass. What a tool.