Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Introducing Treasured Valley

Just when I thought the output of Chris, founder and creator of unequivocal notion, couldn't get better, he has launched a new blog. Treasured Valley promises to bring you the daily smorgasbord of links on Treasure Valley news, Idaho politics, booze and food that unequivocal notion has been over the past few months. Meanwhile, unequivocal notion is returning to its political roots. With a nice balance of topics, an efficient infusion of Twitter tweets, and the occasional music video, I'm excited to see Treasured Valley take off. It really is just getting better and better. Liberal Idaho was a superb political commentary blog, unequivocal started out that way and only got better when music, booze and food entered the picture, and I expect Treasured Valley to live up to everything we've seen come from Chris and then some.

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Chris said...

Thanks Tara! I really appreciate the support!