Monday, July 13, 2009

All-Star Touch-Ups

Here's a final update on the changes to the All-Star Game rosters with news coming this week that Jonathan Broxton, Dustin Pedroia and Matt Cain won't be able to play in tomorrow night's mid-summer classic (Broxton and Cain are hurt and Pedroia's wife is experiencing pregnancy complications). Called in for the occasion are three guys who more than deserve to be in the game--Carlos Pena of the Tampa Bay Rays, Trevor Hoffman of the Milwaukee Brewers, and Zach Duke of the Pittsburg Pirates.

Tomorrow night look for Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay to take the mound as the NL and AL starting pitchers, respectively. If there are two better pitchers in the game right now I would like to know who those pitchers are. Lincecum's release and follow through is something I have never seen in baseball and Doc Halladay is amazing to watch. As has been said by every baseball analyst who is anything, where Halladay goes pre-trade deadline, so goes that team to the World Series.

A big congratulations to Prince Fielder and Nelson Cruz, finalists in tonight's State Farm Home Run Derby. Truthfully, I didn't think a guy like Prince Fielder with that swing could even survive the Derby. Also, I was hoping the Derby would serve as a coming out party of sorts for San Diego's Adrian Gonzalez, the way last year's Derby at the old Yankee Stadium was for Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. Naturally my pick for the Derby was the only full-time catcher in it (sorry Brandon Inge, you're now a traitorous third baseman). Who says catchers don't win batting titles? So it's been sixty-seven years. This is the year. I can feel it. Man, I sound like a Cubs fan...

For fans of the game and the game's history tomorrow will be a phenomenal night, not only will we get the pleasure of watching the mid-summer classic with the first pitch being thrown out by President Obama, we will have the opportunity to join the greatest hitter in the game today in honoring one of the greatest players in the history of the game--Stan "the Man" Musial.

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