Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IDP Recruitment Committee Formed

Idaho Democrats form candidate recruitment committee for 2010

BOISE – Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Keith Roark today announced the formation of a special candidate recruitment committee for the 2010 elections, with a goal of recruiting top-notch Democratic candidates for all statewide and federal offices.

“We have received many expressions of interest from potential candidates and want to provide a source of information, advice and discussion to help these people make decisions about running for statewide office,” said R. Keith Roark, state party chairman. He added that Boise attorney Betty Richardson will chair the committee. “Betty did an outstanding job with candidate recruitment when she led the Ada County Democrats. Now she will bring those skills to bear at the state level.” Richardson, a former U.S. Attorney for Idaho and Congressional candidate in 2002, said she welcomes the assignment.

Roark said the committee will look most closely at the governor’s race. Governor Otter “has been focused on roads, to the exclusion of almost everything else, and he has lost the confidence of the Legislature and the people of Idaho,” Roark said. “We intend to offer a better alternative – someone who has a clear vision for Idaho’s future, especially our economic future.”

“I want to emphasize that the state party organization will not attempt to select our nominees,” Roark added. “Our voters will make those decisions in the primary elections next May. Our role, at present, is to make sure the voters have excellent choices. Certainly, one-party government has not served Idaho well.”

Individuals interested in running for office, or in recommending potential candidates, can reach Richardson and the committee via email to betty@richardsonandoleary.com; phone (208) 938-7903; or postal mail to Richardson & O'Leary, 515 N. 27th Street, Boise, ID 83702.

(For more information, contact Julie Fanselow julie@idaho-democrats.org or (208) 336-1815 ext.102)

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