Thursday, July 23, 2009

Questions for Idahoans and Congressman Minnick

Can someone honestly say to me that we don't have a problem with hate in this state? News this afternoon of a ruling in the case of Michael Bullard and Richard Armstrong reminded me again that being recognizably different in any way can be a very horrific thing when intolerant bigots are in your midst. Betsy Russell has the ruling and if this story weren't enough, again today the Times-News is showcasing a new brand of hate ala the teabaggers. If you answered my question honestly and still don't think we have a problem with hate here at home, go read what one of Zeb's Rebs has to say to President Obama. Seriously, who signs a letter "A White, Christian, American Mom"? I think we all know the answer to that.

What happened to that oft-espoused idea/belief that Congressman Minnick would vote with the Democrats when it counted? He's not only voting against his own party, he's voting against the Idahoans that elected him in refusing to support health care reform. I am with Wordsmith on this one, it means diddly squat to be a Blue Dog Democrat anymore. All that means is you're a Democrat who votes with the Republicans. Wouldn't it just be easier to be a Republican? When Minnick says he hopes he can support a final version of the bill that has more bipartisan support, I hope that doesn't mean he'll vote for the bill when the Republicans who think like him can vote for it. Congressman Minnick, could I borrow your health insurance for awhile? Because I'm an average Idahoan who really needs health care in this country to be reformed and I don't need it to be reformed ten months from now when you're running for re-election or even a month from now when all you Washington politicians come back from you break. I need health care reform right now and I can't just take a month off from that absolute need.


Tumblewords: said...

I'm furious with these dimbulbs, who couldn't come up with half a light between them, talk about bipartisan support. They have NO idea except NO. They don't need health care - we do and they're walking all over us. Let me know if you get to 'borry' some. My darling granddaughter desperately needs a big cup of it.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Tumblewords, I am furious as well. Fortunately, I am insured, but I would love my savings back that was completely depleted over the last year while I paid for all sorts of things that my insurance wouldn't pay for.

Anonymous said...

ME TOO SISTER. I went without for more than half my life, and even now that I have coverage I can't get what I need because that particular kind of treatment isn't covered.

I'm furious, I am tired of having to go without and I want answers from Mr. Minnick. If the bill that is there is no good, what's he got that is better?

-Nemesis (angry and frustrated)

Anonymous said...


I'm trying to figure out where you are getting that the vast numbers of Idahoans are for the current version of Health Insurance Reform.

Additionally, where do you get off calling "teabaggers" bigots and racists? I guess anyone who disagrees with the "Messiah" is racist? Pathetic. You want to know what the "teabaggers" are protesting against? The same thing the ENTIRE country was complaining about under the Bush Administration! The same thing that the Obama Administration said that they were going to stop! Run away Government spending! What was one of the first things that Obama did when he came into office? He signed into effect the LARGEST spending bill in the history of this country!

You want to know who signs their name "A White, Christian, American Mom"? Someone who feels that their voice is no longer being heard or that their voice no longer matters. While I do not disagree that racism is non existent in this country, I do STRONGLY disagree that all the opposition to Health Insurance reform is racist. I mean seriously, Clinton tried to push health insurance reform, it wasn't racist then, why would it be racist now?

How about we get back to the heart of these issues.... Like, Oh I dont know, frivolous run away government spending? Targeting Health care providers and doctors and instituting reforms the prevent these people, whom are the true issue behind health care in this country, from absolutely outrageous health care costs! You want to complain about your insurance premiums? You want to blame someone for the inability of Americans to be able to afford insurance? Blame THEM! The issues surrounding affordability and accessibility of health insurance start with the costs that DOCTORS & HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS charge you and me! If the reins are pulled in and controlled on health care costs, then everything else will begin to fall into place. Once those kinds of reforms are instituted THEN revisit the issue of Health Insurance.

The fact of the matter is, the majority of Americans are NOT Democrats, they are NOT Republicans; they are Independents! They don't want radical rightist views slammed in their faces and they don't want radical leftist views shoved down their throats.

Ignorance is no excuse. Get out there and do some research.