Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There is an alarming bit of truth in something Gavin de Becker said in his book The Gift of Fear: "The hijacking of an American jet in Athens looms larger in our concern than the parent who kills a child, even though the one happens rarely, and the other happens daily." This truth eludes some and haunts others.

Let me get this straight, while thousands of volunteers in the Treasure Valley were out searching for Robert Manwill, his mother presumably sat at home and her boyfriend in some sort of psychiatric facility knowing that Robert had been tortured, beaten, and ultimately killed? Robert Manwill was beaten to death, his body thrown into a nearby canal and while worried family members searched frantically for him, his mother and her boyfriend knew all along that their son Robert (they deserve no recognition as parents or even human beings), was dead. While his distraught father looked desperately for his vulnerable little boy, that little boy was already gone. Gone, I hope, to a place where he will never again experience the confusion of being hurt repeatedly by someone who was supposed to love him unconditionally and protect him from the ills of this world.

Forgive me for my tardiness in noting both the arrest and indictment of the two individuals responsible for the death of young Robert Manwill, apparently I overlooked the news via Treasured Valley and the Boise Idaho Statesman.

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