Monday, August 10, 2009

Wingnut Roundup

  • "Is it too late?" ... Local wingnut Dr. Craig Bosley wants to talk about our "republic" and the Founding Fathers. Don't they all?
  • "All this seems so un-American" ... Bosley's partner in crime Richard Larsen, writing for the Idaho State Journal, brings up Nazi Germany in his first sentence. You know where this is going, don't you?
  • "An Examination of Liberty and Freedom"... complete with quotations from the dictionary, like all Mark Balzer's articles like to do;
  • "Is Michelle Proud Yet?" ...Tom Young, the resident birther of the Twin Falls Times-News, is still at it. This time he's taking shots at Michelle Obama's character. I guess if you can't get the President's attention with nutty conspiracy theories, why not refocus;
  • In case you didn't catch the reference in Larsen's piece, Clayton Cramer is regurgitating the same right-wing talking points here. And, if there is any remaining doubt about the status of wingnuttery in this bunch, check out the comments following Jodeane Albright's piece.

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Sisyphus said...

Holy wingnut, batman. So much BS, so little time.