Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Deafening Roar

In a world full of chaos
Shut out this deafening roar
For just one minute more
-- Howie Day, "Undressed"

A year ago today I had spinal surgery. I suspect at some point in my life I will look at this day and what it represents as something I survived, merely a bump in the road, but for the time being it continues to represent the biggest health battle I've fought in my young life.

It is awfully discouraging to be my age with so many academic and personal goals that I simply can't attempt much less accomplish because my body prevents me from doing so. Immobility creates far too many limitations.

On top of the health battle I'm waging, the political discourse is disheartening and I keep it at a distance wherever possible. Sometimes it is easier to keep the hate at bay than take it on. Sometimes it is easier to leave the lies in the news and the blogosphere unchecked. That oft repeated line about silence equaling consent is not lost on me, I just can't write about all of the issues I would like to right now. My body and mind need a rest.

So, for an hour, a day, a week or more, I am going to take some time away from the responsibilities of this blog. There are great voices in the Idaho blogosphere who constantly challenge the irrational voices and hold the progressives' feet to the fire. I trust their dedication and trust that some time away from the constant research, piling up of materials, taking screenshots of everything, and mental toll of feeling I need to post something every day will be the respite I greatly need. A break did wonders for the MountainGoat Report. She's back at it and speaking truth to power routinely.

Maybe I just need "a minute or more."


Anonymous said...

I will miss you but I will also anticipate your return much as I did MG.

Be at peace and be well.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thank you. Just feeling a bit exhausted lately. A break will do me good.