Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Monopoly On Misinformation

Apparently the Idaho State Journal doesn't have a monopoly on the printing of misinformation in this state. The Magic Valley Times-News seems to print plenty of misinformed trash of their own.

A snippet of a LTE by one Jon Baker of Twin Falls:

"The Marxists are in [Obama's] corner and the so-called Blue Dogs and moderates will go along. Oh, you hear that it will be political suicide for them because of the 2010 election, but think about this: The Republicans are frozen out and that's probably not going to change. Even if a number of Dems are voted out, what if Pelosi and Reid declare a "national emergency" and render the election null and void?

"We need to be ever vigilant and prepared to protect our freedom and liberty from these Marxist/socialist/statist saurians. If the supreme court does not stop his wicked agenda, the military must take over or we will have Civil War 2."

Another opinion submitted by a Twin Falls resident points to the work of Dr. Jack Wheeler, Reagan's point man on the Star Wars program:

"In April of 1964, Dr. Jack Wheeler wrote a report to Congress under the auspices of the Freedom Research Foundation, titled "Health Freedom vs. Health Fascism." None of these means for improving health care have been implemented, and we now have another "liberal" president determined to use this "crisis" to further his fascist agenda."

These snippets are nothing compared to the Times-run blog by Tom Young. His latest post refers to attempts at health care reform as "National Socialized Medicine Healthcare Insurance" and says President Obama and Vice President Biden are "two jokers [who] don’t know doodoo about the economy." Yes, doodoo. Isn't that professional and mature.

And these gems are proudly signed by their authors. Makes you wonder what is being printed online that former Times-News publisher and now state legislator Steve Hartgen (R-Twin Falls) finds so objectionable. It seems to me that he is all for the printing of lies as long as they are lies he believes in and agrees with.

Maybe the Times-News will give the Idaho State Journal a run for its money in the truth, or lack thereof, department.

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