Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still Not Supporting A Public Option

Whatever hopes I had for Congressman Minnick (D-ID) having a change of heart when Obama spoke in the congressional chamber this evening were short lived. Minnick sent out the following statement almost immediately following Obama's speech:

Tonight’s address was a positive step forward toward returning the health-care debate to a collaborative process focused on consensus. Idahoans expect Congress and the president to pull back from the disagreements, cut the partisan bickering, focus on the basics and be willing to listen to the voices we’ve heard over the last six weeks.

“I was encouraged tonight to hear the president speak about the issues which came up again and again in discussions with my constituents: Disallowing the use of pre-existing conditions to cut coverage or increase costs. Limits on out-of-pocket expenses. No caps on coverage. And a requirement that basic preventative care and education be provided as part of every insurance policy. I am also intrigued by the president’s call for a new insurance exchange, the kind of private-sector concept so many of my constituents support.

“However, although the president spoke forcefully and eloquently, concerns remain. These reforms will not help our nation if they bankrupt our government and burden taxpayers. I also believe that a so called ‘public option’ is not the best way to hold insurance companies accountable, and would only create a new, expensive government bureaucracy. I hope these concerns can be addressed, and I hope we can move forward in a bipartisan manner toward a bill all Americans will support.”

I'm sure these concerns were exactly those voiced at Minnick's TEA Party townhall. The Republican Party should have recruited Walt to give their response. Walt might as well have rounded up his TEA Party buddies and joined Congressman Joe "You Lie" Wilson (R-SC) in the peanut gallery.

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