Monday, September 14, 2009

Teabaggers In Pocatello's Optimist Park (Video & Final Thoughts)

As I wrap up my coverage of the teabagger event that took place here over the weekend, I wanted to share one more video. This clip is again of Chris Stevens, the state coordinator for Campaign for Liberty, discussing the IRS and the Federal Reserve. This portion of the speech came prior to the mention of Congressman Barney Frank that was noted in my initial post. Had I not found myself feeling as if I were reading a book by former Congressman George Hansen, I would have still had the camera rolling when the Barney Frank commentary occurred. Here is the clip:

The argument presented here is not new. Since the Federal Reserve was first created, many on the far right have pointed to it as the beginning of big government. Stevens is merely one step removed from becoming part of the Patriot movement, a group of people that constantly have run-ins with the law because they choose to print, issue, and circulate their own money, money not recognized by the United States.

This portion of Saturday's rally inspired one man to take to the stage during the open mic segment to praise Mr. Stevens and to ask a question that was very well received by the crowd: "Where are our reparations?" What? This man informed the crowd that during the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (I wouldn't think this fellow was even alive during FDR's administration) when public welfare was created, FDR "enslaved" an entire population of Americans.

I spent much of my time at this event scratching my head, wondering how these people came to these conclusions. There is no rational explanation for most of them. Occasionally, I found myself refraining from laughter--especially when Mr. Stevens, a man who ran for the state legislature as a Republican this past cycle, called the Idaho Legislature "socialist" because they've forced licensing of midwives. The Idaho Legislature is a lot of things, socialist though?

When these people shout about ideologies they do not understand and simply can't explain the difference between, when they write poems called "An Homage to Joe Wilson" and refer to President Obama as a "black nationalist," I find it scary. It goes from being funny to being scary when they show up with guns strapped to their backs, completely enraged and serious about their accusations, and with children in tow.

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