Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesdays are traditionally the day when new music is released for public consumption (minus the recent Sunday release of Pearl Jam's phenomenal new album Backspacer) and I thoroughly enjoy sampling the new releases and picking up an album or two every few weeks. Yes, every few weeks. I've been purchasing CDs since I was twelve and have a ridiculous number of them, but I've never found a new music Tuesday to be so therapeutic as I have this particular Tuesday to be.

There must be a dozen good, new albums out today, but the CD I chose at about 3am this morning (oh, how iTunes has changed my buying habits) is the newest release of the artist known as Five for Fighting. Instead of a quirky, possibly hysterical album from Bowling for Soup (yes, occasionally my taste in music goes there), the folksy sound of Grant-Lee Phillips, or last week's releases from artists like Michael Bublé (with a great cover of "Crazy Love"), Brandi Carlile, Morphine, and Blake Lewis, I went for a CD from a guy that is brilliant on the piano and has solid songwriting credentials.

I couldn't have made a better pick. Here's why:

"When life's got you down
and you can't make a sound,
because despair has stolen your song.
Raise up your fist and into the abyss
scream, "coward, get off my lawn!"

"Hope, something.
There's always a reason to break.
Hope because nothing less
will save the day."

This afternoon I have found myself in many of the tracks on the new album and have found the general piano greatness to be awfully soothing. Though I have been enjoying my break from this blog and have cut back drastically on the blogs I have been reading, I wouldn't say my time away has been a particularly upbeat period. My personal discouragement, frustration, and in some ways heartache, came to a head last night. This CD is exactly what I needed to ensure today didn't resemble yesterday in any way.

It is amazing how much music can make or break a mood.

Another musical comment, this week there's a great little concert happening in Pocatello. I really appreciate that venues like The Icon are bringing great concerts to Pocatello, so I'll show my excitement for Marcy Playground coming to town Thursday night by sharing this video. The song is "Good Times" and it is from their most recent album, Leaving Wonderland...In A Fit Of Rage (released this past summer). Physically, I'm not up for concerts, but I support them however I can even if that means sharing the information here. I am not only a big fan of bringing concerts to the gate city, I'm a big fan of 90's bands, Marcy Playground being one of them.

Now, this isn't my official jump back into the blogosphere, it might be a few days until I've even thought about a topic long enough to write something worth reading. However, I'll be returning soon and appreciate the patience of those who check daily to see if I've returned from "the abyss."

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