Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coburn & Other Politicking

(Update 2:19 pm: Sanders withdrew his amendment in order to cease with the reading of it. Coburn's objection to waiving the reading of the bill caused a harmless bill to be withdrawn only so the Democratic Party could continue with today's business. What a bunch of stalling, hacks these Republicans are.)

Forty-five years from now when the Republican members of the United States Senate lie about their role in passing health care reform the way they've lied about their role in passing and protecting Medicare, I hope somebody has video of today's reading of the 366-page Sanders Amendment and every other stalling tactic the Republicans have employed in the last month. As Senator Franken said earlier in the week, "we are not entitled to our own facts!"

A roundup of political stories I've noticed, but haven't had the time or energy to write about:
  • Speaker Pelosi met with freshmen congressmen this morning at breakfast to inform her "vulnerable" colleagues that the leadership will shield them from making controversial votes in the lead-up to their 2010 re-election. Yet another opportunity for Walt Minnick to vote like the Republican he is...
  • Also from The Hill, Joe Lieberman "expresses regret" for causing tension among his Democratic colleagues on the issue of health care. Uh-huh, like Joe cares. All Joe cares about is Joe.
  • Last week when President Obama visited Oslo, Norway for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, he chose not to attend the "after party" being headlined by Toby Keith. This may not have had anything to do with the years old political battle between the Dixie Chicks and TK or even the non-peaceful "we'll put a boot in your ass" lyric of Mr. Keith, but as it turns out, it's a damn good thing Obama wasn't there because once again Mr. Keith has made headlines for his antics.
  • Popkey says that Senator Mike Crapo is "a leading figure in the fight against Democratic health care reform" which I find laughable. I've been watching C-SPAN pretty non-stop over the past month and I would argue that the Republican "leaders" (I'd rather call them "blowhards") on the floor of the Senate have been, in no particular order: Senator McCain (Arizona), Senator Thune (South Dakota), Senator Grassley (Iowa), Senator Coburn (Oklahoma), Senator Barrasso (Wyoming), Senator Enzi (Wyoming), Senator Sessions (Alabama) and Senator Kyl (Arizona). See Crapo in there anywhere?
And since I began this post, the poor clerks in the Senate have changed twice to give their colleagues a break from reading--a reading that is usually waived and has been going on now for nearly two hours. Senator Coburn is no longer on the floor.


N. Speth said...

As a fairly disenchanted voter, I have to say Mr. Lieberman is no different than most people on the hill. Selfishness is not an uncommon trait in DC.

As far as Mr. Toby Keith... whatever. He's not terribly classy to begin with. Even as a Republican I was never comfortable with the "I'm Cashing in on 9/11 Because I Love My Country" sub-genre of country music.

I'm not 100% on your side for this health care debate. I've lived in a place where nationalized health care was real and the service and care sucked. Still, something obviously needs to be done and the Republican answer, which seems to be "mostly keep the status quo," doesn't cut it. Disenchanted as I am I'm kinda staying out of it. I figure something that will make me mad will happen; I'm just not sure which thing it will turn out being.

N. Speth said...

p.s. if you don't know Roy Zimmerman, go listen to his stuff on YouTube. It makes me smile.